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Belgian Street Food in San Francisco!


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The fries are amazing. The burgers are well, maybe not quite amazing, but still very good. And they've always delivered on time, and it's always been fresh and hot.

Yes, the prices are high. Even with the reasonable delivery cost, and the coupons and deals (we almost always get some or all of our fries for free), I still wouldn't order a $15+ burger every day. But when I do, I don't regret it.


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Perfect again! I've been ordering from Fritz for years and they remain my favorite because of their unique menu, quality food and flawless delivery. After having crepes delivered from almost every restaurant in SF, I can't honestly say that no one packages a crepe "to-go" as well as Fritz does.


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This place has some pretty crazy good food. Whoever's designing the menu must have some kind of culinary education and/or background. Everything I tried was as unique within its genre as it was delicious. Not something usually found in your typical run of the mill burger joint.


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Im always happy with what I order here. I appreciate that they put the veggies on the side because it keeps my bun from getting soggy. I used to think it was strange at first, but now I really like it. Its a little pricey,but worth it for a picky eater like me. Cheers.


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So good! The frjtz are delicious. So hard to pick just one or two dipping sauces! That fried chicken sandwich is delicious. Fried to light and crispy perfection, topped with a flavorful and crunchy slaw.

One of these days, I'm gonna get a waffle.

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Everything was perfect. Didn’t like the flavor of my fries though. Burger was delivered and presented the way I requested.


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Was in town for a conference - was delish! Frjtz sweet potato fries, Frjtz burger, NY burger, crepes!


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The fries are fin amazing. Do it for the fries


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Everything was great. Good food, good experience.


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Awesome food. The curry ketchup is awesome.

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